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GC Tooth Mousse - BOX OF 10

GC Tooth Mousse - BOX OF 10

Product description


GC Tooth Mousse is a unique water based, sugar free topical cream containing Recaldent (CCP-ACP) which is derived from the milk protein, casein. Tooth Mousse delivers bio-available calcium and phosphate into the tooth structure to repair and strengthen enamel and dentine. White spot lesions can be avoided using Tooth Mousse twice daily during orthodontic treatment. Easy to apply - just use a finger or interdental brush after tooth brushing allowing 3-5 minutes working time.

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GC Tooth Mousse is a water based, sugar free dental tropical creme containing Recaldent. GC Tooth Mousse is used as a resorative treatment which is applied after you have cleaned your teeth. Recaldent is derived from the milk protein Casin. GC Tooth Mousse is the first dental product containing Recaldent that professionals reach for. GC Tooth Mousse comes in a variety of delicious flavours and can be bought either individually or as a pack of ten.


  • Delivers Recaldent™ (ACP-CPP) to restore mineral balance in the oral environment

  • Provides extra protection for teeth

  • Helps neutralize acid challenges from acidogenic bacteria in plaque and other internal and external acid sources

  • Tastes delicious and makes teeth feel smoother and cleaner


  • Restoring mineral balance in patients with salivary deficiencies such as xerostomia or when proper oral hygiene procedures are difficult

  • Restoring balance after procedures such as tooth whitening, professional cleaning, rootplaning and curettage, as well as reducing any resulting dentine hypersensitivity

  • Research has also shown that Recaldent™ can transform the visual opacity of new white spots to a more natural 'tooth-like' translucency

How To Use GC Tooth Mousse

  • Apply GC Tooth Mousse to the surface of the tooth.

  • The CPP-ACP molecule binds to biofilm, bacteria and hydroxyapatite.

  • The effectiveness of CPP-ACP is increased by saliva flow.

  • GC Tooth Mousse works within 2-5 minutes but is more effective if left in longer.