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Home Agera Skincare Products Agera Ultimate Retinol Rejuvenator - 60 (30ml)

Agera Ultimate Retinol Rejuvenator - 60 (30ml)

Agera Ultimate Retinol Rejuvenator - 60 (30ml)

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Ultimate Retinol Rejuvenator - 60

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Ultimate Retinol Rejuvenator - 60
One of the most significant advances in the fight against ageing – a combination of Agera® Rx Bioemulsion Delivery Technology, Retinol and Growth Factor Peptides exclusive to Agera Rx.

Specially formulated Retinol with low irritation potential delivered in time-released minute particles (bioemulsion) deep into the skin. Retinol with its scientifically proven epidermal proliferation and skin smoothing effects reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Growth Factor Peptides, the first in a new generation of laboratory proven peptides to simulate skin cell production and collagen and elastin levels. Clinical testing has shown significant increases in epidermal thickness and dermal density.

Size: 30g

The skin will show a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles with a general more youthful appearance.

Suitable for all skin types, especially mature, sun-damaged.
Not for retinoid sensitive
Apply daily in the evening.
To build up skin tolerance to retinol, allow 3 day intervals between applications for a minimum of two weeks.
•Prolifersyn 60: Retinol >0.6% and Retinol Palmitate
•Agera Rx dermal stimulants / Proliferatives

contains retinol - Not to be Used whilst pregnant or lactating
When using Retinol products it is important to apply sunscreen daily spf 20 or above, even on cloudy days.